Decorations and equipments

Decorations and equipments will be chosen by you, but in the prototype version you will have access only to a limited number of them. Each of these items has its own feature; for instance:

  • the vending machine allows the customer to buy something to crunch and drink during the movie and raises your gains;
  • the couch allows your employees to rest and regain strength when they are exhausted;
  • the green plant decorates the cinema and has a positive impact on the satisfaction of people walking by.

In the final version of Movierooms 3D the number of decorations and equipments will be larger, not only because various items will be added, but also because they will evolve through the decades.

As you can easily imagine, the projectors used nowadays are completely different from the ones used in 1926. How did these latter look like? Find below a 2D graphic representation of the projector you will find in the game. And pay attention that this kind of projector was really sensitive to fire! Take care of its maintenance or the cinema will be set on fire. As it actually happened in the past…

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