Hi everyone and welcome to Mad Pumpkins’channel!
Today I will tell you something about our first game currently under development: Movierooms (if you want, there are English subtitles).

Some of you have already heard about it, but for the others here’s a short recap: Movierooms is a cinema-based game that invites you to discover past and contemporary cinema through minigames and riddles.
After a long work and many researches, especially as concerns the game concept, its style and design and the dialogues, we reached the Alpha version, presented it at MUUG in Montpellier and your feedbacks went far beyond our expectations. Your strong and encouraging support allowed us to go even further and therefore the games has evolved.

We integrated a business simulation feature and now Movierooms has become a true adventure across time, since the very birth of cinema to nowadays, passing through all ages. You’ll be able to run your own cinema, program the theatrical release, choose furnitures and decorations, hire employees… always aiming at making your customers happy.
So, a cinema in your image and likeness !
But no fear for the fans of the first version, minigames will always be present.

So if you want to follow the development of the game and support us, subscribe to this channel as well as our different social pages. I’ll be back here in two weeks for the first devlog video with already some details to show you.

Bye bye!

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