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In the previous article we have seen how to buy and schedule movies, but your cinema can not work on its own… so you shall have to hire employees to make it flourish.

To recruit them, it is sufficient to open the hiring page (accessible through the employees panel), where you will regularly find new people willing to start working for you.

Every emplyee has his/her own skills, which can be either good or bad depending on the assigned position. A “quick” guy can sell many more tickets than a “happy” person, who on the other hand, thanks to his/her joyful behavior, will make your customers happy too! Thus it is really important to choose your collaborators according to their skills and to your business strategy. Needless to say: a low-qualified employee is cheaper than an experienced one, but in the long run he/she could be very expensive in terms of profit loss!

Hence, from the very moment you hire your first employees, you have three options to assign them a position:

1. Drag and drop them in a room: once dropped, they will take position at the first available equipment in that room.

2. Right-click with the mouse on a room (to open the room panel): in doing so, you can see all the equipments in that room and by choosing one of them you can assign it an employee; he/she will keep the position forever, unless you change it. 

3. Open the management menu, go to the employees panel, choose an employee and set his/her working place.

But the employees are people, not robots! This means that they get tired and this effect is measured by their stamina level. After long working hours, employees will need a break and therefore they will go to the dedicated room. This happens automatically as soon as the stamina drops below a certain threshold. To avoid that, it is possible to send employees to the restroom manually; this will ensure the top form of the employees during peak hours.

That’s not all!

In Movierooms you will have the opportunity to carry out daily quests.

What are quests and how do they work?

Well, it’s about more or less simple goals to reach in exchange for a reward. Quests encourage you to move forward and earn money, thus advancing even further. For instance, a quest could ask you to sell a certain amount of tickets in a single day, or to buy new plants to garnish your cinema, or to screen a specific movie for a given number of times.

In the prototype, there is a limited variety of quests, but in the final version of Movierooms quests and corresponding rewards will be much more diversified.

This leads us to discuss the game modes available in the final version of the game. We are planning to present you two different game modes. The first one, the “History Mode“, allows you to live firsthand the history of cinema through its key moments and iconic places. In this mode, quests play an important role, as they are one of your progress’ marker and only through them it is possible to unlock new equipments, thus making your cinema evolve according to your style and taste.

The second game mode, “Sandbox“, gives the player more freedom, as the number of constraints is the lowest possible and this allows you to create your dream movie theater. In this case quests play a secondary role: they are essentially a different way to earn money and thus boost your business.

Quests are very common in many games, you surely know many examples. In our game, we aim at combining this well-established mechanism with historic features. What would you say if some quests will be linked to really existed actors, directors and studios? And their achievement will give access to unique films and equipments? A new way to represent the power of famous directors and studios in certain historical periods.

Do not hesitate to let us know your opinion on this post as well as on the previous ones. We would be very happy to receive your feedback!

See you soon for a new article!
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