Movierooms 3D version!

Work in progress / concept images

Hello everyone!
Let’s start with the fact that reporting what we are doing is not our strongest point and you can judge it yourself, since posts and communications on our social networks are rather rare. But this is due to the fact that, at the moment, it is not yet possible to spread pics and final previews of the game, because, as we are still working on the Alpha prototype in 3D version (for PC and MacOS!!!), the visual style is continuously changing. Every picture that you see is just a concept design and, as such, it’s subject to change as the work is still in progress and the ultimate concept is secret… at least at present!

What you need to know is the following: the girls are carrying
on the development of the game and soon you will be part of it!
Surprises are coming!

Manage your own cinema through time! Discover the characters that made the history of cinema and make your personal establishment grow and flourish through the years! Have fun with Movierooms !

Movierooms is a management game where you build and manage yout own cinema. Throughvarious aspects (film programming, advertisement, maintaining your structure and equipments, …) you will face historical issues, beat competition and do your best to become the best movie theatre for each time periods and clientele constraints.

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