Film programming

Hello everyone!Today we are going to talk about what is at the heart of a cinema: film programming! To program and screen films in your cinema, you have to own them. Today, it’s rental that[…]

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The Franco-German Co-Production Market We are very excited to have been selected to participate in the 2nd co-production meeting of Spielfabrique! Thanks a lot to the interviewer!

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Hi everyone and welcome to Mad Pumpkins’channel!Today I will tell you something about our first game currently under development: Movierooms (if you want, there are English subtitles). Some of you have already heard about it,[…]

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Mad pumpkins Logo

Mad Pumpkins

Hi! It’s time to introduce its story!Our new site: Why some crazy pumpkins? But above all, who isn’t? Team Movierooms is aware of their crazy heads! 😀 The name was chosen in October, fruitful period[…]

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Work in progress

Hi everyone! We are currently working on the management of your personal cinema (great news coming) and we are looking for a suitable incubator! Our aim is always to give you the best! Stay tuned[…]

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The Game

Movierooms is a a point-and-click adventure Game (Android and iOS). Travel through the most celebrated movies and become part of the plot! YOU are the main actor! The doors of each level will launch the[…]

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